Review: Tiam My Signature C Source Vitamin C Serum (formerly O.S.T C20)

It’s no surprise that my most paramount obsession is my face. Yes, my face. There was a time I even neglect to take care of my hair, my body, my overall health. Crap, who wouldn’t be obsessed (and overly conscious!) if you have non stop acne prone face?

I was desperately in need of something that will help lighten my pimple scars. This product here caught my eye after I learned the many effects of vitamin c on the skin. This is the first vitamin c serum that I have tried.

Here’s the packaging,

It’s housed on a dark brown bottle to delay the oxidation of the product as it is very potent. I’ve read that you’re supposed to stop using it when the liquid turns orange as this means it oxidized, and not effective anymore. It should be placed as well on a dark cool place. I place mine on the refrigerator.

It comes with this dropper

I bought mine from Shopee from this seller

I’ve been using it for quite a month now, though not religiously ( I know, my bad) and I still have about 10 percent left on the bottle. The fist 11 days I used it every night. And after that, well maybe every other day?Just whenever I remember it.

It has a citrus orange scent which I love. Color is clear. Texture is quite thick. You will certainly feel that you have something on your face even after 15 mins of waiting after application.

I like that the expiration date is imprinted on the bottle itself as I tend to throw boxes after opening.


πŸ†— I noticed my scars lightened a bit on days I constantly used it.

πŸ†— doesn’t irritate my skin.


❎ Has to be placed on refrigerator, main reason why I always forget to use it.

❎ Can feel tacky on the face.

❎ It stains my pillows 😣

Will I buy again? Probably not. I get excited when it comes to serums so I might try other products.


Corx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Yoh! Today I will share my thoughts about the Cosrx Advance Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. I know, that’s a mouthful just like most korean products.

I’ve been reading a lot of good things about snail mucin recently especially about the healing damaged skin thingy. And just in time cause because my skin decided to get worse. Like dry, flaky skin. Ewww. So yeah i hoped this product will help with my dryness, and boy, it didn’t disappoint me.

I got mine from BeautyMNL for PHP873 already 20% discounted.

The best before date is indicated at the bottom of the bottle.

This is is by the way 100ml. It doesn’t smell anything at all. It’s crystal clear as well. It’s sticky when first applied, like REALLY STICKY (duh, coz it’s 96% snail slime lol). But once blended, the tacky feeling fades.


πŸ†— Deeply hydrates my face. Like 100% dry, flaky skin banished. This is the most important for me.

πŸ†— Didn’t break me out.

πŸ†— Comes with a pump so it’s very hygienic.


❎ Can only be ordered online.

❎ Can be a bit pricey, especially for students.

Maxi Peel Zero Review

Yo! Hope you are well. I’ve been busy with some stuff these past months and of course my skin is affected as well.

I remember having oily skin when I was in high school then somewhere along the lines I started getting pimples and acnes. Unfortunately, no one guided me that time on what products should I use nor was I aware of the ingredients of the products I was using back then as I am now. And well, you know that most anti acne products can be very drying and I guess it’s around that time that my skin transitioned from oily to dry.

So yeah, my skin type is dry for as long as my adult life. Sometimes when I really neglect skincare, my skin gets really really super dry and flaky. The only part of my face that gets oily nowadays is my nose. Oh and I still get breakouts once I used something my skin is not hiyang.

And so, the search for HG products for my skin is never ending.

For today, I’ll be giving my two cents regarding this product which I use as toner/exfoliant. I bought it for 75PHP.

Here’s the box.

And the actual product,

I’m already on my second bottle. How I wish it also comes with a bigger bottle. I use this every other night, rarely every night when I feel my face needs toning.


πŸ†— does the job of removing dead skin cells and left over dirt.

πŸ†— exfoliates without being harsh.

πŸ†— didn’t break me out.

πŸ†— cheap for 75PHP and accessible to all drugstores and supermarkets.


❎ only available at small bottle of 50ml. I hope they produce a bigger one.

The only ship I’ve been shipping finally sailed πŸ˜

I guess it’s safe to say I’m a die hard fan of Naruto. Been reading and watching it since I was a kid. It’s the best manga anime, for me at least. I love the characters and the story in general. It’s the only manga anime that I really patronize.

I’ve been hyped since they announced the Boruto anime. I was so excited to see the old characters again. It’s strange to see them as grown up adults, some of them even has kids. Somehow I feel proud for all of them ( like a swooning grandma would) . And my, I find Sasuke’s character development the most satisfying. I initially thought he would turn into an old travelling hermit after his final fight with Naruto. But then, Kishimoto really planned for him to be with Sakura in the end. Bizarre as it sounds, yes it happened. Somewhere somehow they married and now have a daughter.

Going back to the Boruto anime, I didnt like it at first. I find myself getting bored after watching the first two episodes, so I stopped. But when I heard they will animate the Naruto Gaiden Manga sequel, I cannot contain my enthusiasm. You see, this part of the series is like Kishimoto’s making up for SasuSaku fans. NaruHina fans got their closure at The Last: Naruto movie. So I waited and wanted to binge watch it. My patience with weekly episodes died two years ago lol (but the whole waiting time was torture 😒). After I read that the last episode for that arc has been shown ( thanks to spoilers), I immediately directed my laptop to and boom, my eyes were lit 😡. It’s already been two years since the manga was released but it’s still good seeing that part of their story get animated. It’s not as fancy as The Last but it’s still wonderfull. It’s enough to make fangirls like me to squeal in delight when they showed Papasuke caring for Sarada. No PDA was shown between Sasuke and Sakura which is not surprising. Ah well, he still has a long way to go when it comes to expressing emotions but he sure is trying. I’ve been shipping them since I was in gradeschool, imagine my joy when I saw them ended up together as an adult. I’m really happy seeing them as a family.

I will probably stop watching Boruto again and just wait for another interesting things to happen again. Apart from the Uchiha family reunion, I also enjoyed the action and fighting scenes between Naruto and that Shin Fake Uchiha.

My gawwwd I can’t contain myself. I’ve been like this for a week now lol. It’s like a sudden euphoria to me lol.

So yeah this is pretty much a rant but, I just have to. Ja ne.

PeriPera Ink The Airy Velvets Review

Haven’t had much time to write anything these days, I’ve been very busy with some stuff. But yeah, today I will give my two cents about these much raved lip products. I first came to know the brand PeriPera through a korean actress Kim So Hyun, cause ya know I watched a few K-drama at a strange time of my life. I saw her in “Ruler : Master of the Mask” and OMG I can’t believe she’s just seventeen then. But oh well, she’s an endorser of the said brand and I checked it out.

Peripera is a brand created and developed under the umbrella of Club Clio, alongside Goodal and Clio Professional. All from Korea. Named after Peri, a fairy from Persian mythology, this brand is whimsical and playful in approach and colors. They have a wide variety of products raging from cushions, concealers, liners, blushers to inks. Or course since I’m a lip person, I needed to try the lip inks first.

There are five shades to choose from but only got three.

02 – Pretty Orange Pink

03- Sold out Red

04 – Beautiful Coral Pink

Here they are.

Tbh, I didnt expect them to be this small.

Before they arrive, I thought 02 wouldn’t show on my lips or it won’t look good on me because I’m not that fair skinned and 02 is in a bit lighter shade out of the three that I got. And yes, tints are always lighter when applied on the lips compare to the color of the product itself. But boy I was so wrong. I’m surprised that they are very pigmented but still manage to pull a natural look.

When swatched.

Just 1 swipe

Once dried.

02 is as the shade says, an orangey pink. It’s a lovely color perfect for everyday wear. 03 is a nice cool red. Makes your teeth whiter. 04 is a wearable shade of pink. It instantly brightens my face when I wear it. I apply them sometimes in gradient especially 04, but I like 02 the best when fully applied.

I can feel the airy thingy about them right after application. It feels strange, but I got used to it after time. And my favorite part is that once dried, they don’t feel sticky or anything. No bitter aftertaste as well. Feels very lightweight on the lips. Some say these are transfer-proof for them, but not for me. They are long-wearing yes, provided I dont eat or drink anything. And they fade nicely on my lips without bleeding. I guess it really has something to do with a persons lip shape, texture or projection that determines the longevity of a lip product.

Overall, I super super love these babies, they are my go-to lip product.

Mr. Meow Destroyer

Yoh! Today, I would like to write somethig about my pet. His name is Maxxi. I adopted him last February, he was about two months old then. Here he was.

What a tiny cute creature! I met his original owner then online, she told me she couldn’t take care of all her new kittens and she has one more mother cat about to give birth soon. So I took him, hoping he can be happy in my own home.

He was very lonely at first, always calling for his mother probably. I put him in a box the first day I took him, and boy he grew to love that box (more than my bed, surprisingly). He likes sleeping curled up like a ball.

I gave him milk, food and a place to sleep. I also litter-trained him. I tried to bathe him too, he can tolerate washing but it takes a lot of running and chasing for me ( with the bathroom door closed ofc.) even up to now. After some time, he started to show some warmth to me.

He would cling to me, especially after his bath.


I love it when he falls asleep on my lap.

Then from a tiny rugrat, he quickly grew into a fine young lad.

He is very independent and most of the time likes to be alone on his own, probably because he is an only pet. He gets visitors every now and then from our neighborhood cats.

Seriuosly, I can’t get enough pictures of him! My gallery is full of his selfies πŸ˜€

He loves playing with his teasers, and chasing anything (lizard, butterfly, frog and many more!) , sometimes even my feet which I hate.

As he grew older, he started to become even more of a loner! He doesn’t appreciate hugs and kisses anymore 😦 Β He only lets me hold him in my lap after his bath, when he’s like 10x sleepier. Even so, he still curious as ever in everything (as in EVERYTHING!) My mother always complains about him always getting in her way when she do stuffs. I am most marveled how he can destroy almost everything and turns our home upside down.

I really treasure moments like this. I can hold him freely and longer and I can stare at his face without him biting me.

You see, he likes sleeping like this. The moment he stopped sleeping curled up in a circle, he started sporting that vulgar pose :D.

Him being a master destroyer, doesn’t make us love him less. And to me he’s more than a pet. He gives me some sort of peace which I’ve been looking for for a long long time now. He is my remedy. He, out of all the things and people in this world, calms my nerves the most. Β I dont know how he can do that but, he is just pure awesome.

Who wouldn’t fall for a face like that? Oh and yes, I’m planning to adopt a new cat so he can have a permanent brother.

Human Heart Nature Products That I Use

Yo! This time I will share some products that I love from the brand Human Heart Nature. I like how their products are almost 100% natural and that they are made in the Philippines. I discovered this brand a couple of years ago when I started becoming aware of the ingredients of every product that I use. I became OC when it comes to reading the labels, list of ingredients. I didn’t want any harmful chemicals touching my body. And so, my search for natural products started. I was grateful to discover this local brand and was amazed as well that their products are also on the budget level. 

They have many products and been introducing more and more as their company grows as well. They even retails in other countries from what I know such as UAE, Australia, Malaysia and many more.

First of my list is the lip balm.

Human Heart Nature 100% Lip Balm in Cola and Peppermint

I have dry lips so a lip balm is always a must for me. I have these babies in my bag, in my workstation, even in my nightstand. I tried the wild berries and cherry flavors before but I must say the peppermint is my favorite. I love how it makes my lips looks super healthy. The consistency is sticky ( ofc balms are meant to be sticky silly! :D)  but in a moisturizing kinda way. I believe they sell for Php90.
Next is the Hydrating Creamy Wash

Human Heart Nature Hydrating Creamy Wash
My skin is on the drier side save my nose area and this is the only facial wash that my skin approves. It is very gentle on the skin (more gentle that Cetaphil). I like that it’s creamy as I hate foamy stuff which makes my skin peel. Ive been using this for at least three years now, more or less. I bought mine at their store in San Fernando Pampanga together with the lip balm and the conditioner, but i found this wash is also available at Robinson Starmills’ Supermarket. Price is Php199 for the 200ml.
Last is the Natural Conditioner in Strengthening variant.

Human Heart Nature Natural Conditioner Strengthening in Peppermint

I used the moisturizing variant in vanilla scent way before I switched to this. I love the peppermint smell in it and that it’s very cooling to the scalp. I think the price is around Php330 for a 500ml. I like how the packaging is transparent so you can really see how much product is still left or if its empty like this.


I always buy these babies in bulks so I don’t have to go to their store in San Fernando every.single.time. It can be a bother sometimes but ordering online is more bothering for me. I hope they can improve their product availability in the near future. 

So there you have it. These products are all must-try.  Ja ne!

Natural Color Spa Box Hair Dye Review

Ehem. For my first post, I’ll be doing a product review here which is a box hair dye. I dyed my hair 4 weeks ago using a different brand in the shade 7.7 dark matt blonde and a 9% developer of equal ratio without bleaching my hair. The result is a dark ashy blonde which i liked. I was very happy with the result but after a few washes the ashy tone dissappeared and my hair turned brassy. Like this. 

I just hate the yellowish orangey hair and wanted to dye it again but i had to rest my hair. I also didn’t like how it made my face look darker and yes, the fact that i looked like a badjao.  So now that it’s been 4 weeks,  I decided to dye my hair again. I wanted to dye it a bit darker and closer to my original hair color. That, or a crazy blue lol which is impossible for now.

The store from which I always buy hair products suggested this brand. I bought it for 170pesos. The colorant cream and a 9% developer set.

I wanted a dark brown color with a unique hint of color so, I mixed light brown 5.0 and violet 0.66. 

My hair is thick so i used both of the two tubes but less of the 5.0. I also decreased the amount of developer a little, to make the color darker and adhere to my hair better. When mixed, it was a dark brown with just a hint of violet. My apologies, i wasnt able to capture pictures of it. But here’s how it looked when applied. Btw, my sister did the application as i have very thick hair and i didn’t want it to be patchy.

I left it for 30 minutes as per instructions in the box. Then rinsed and washed my hair thoroughly. 

On natural lighting without flash.

Here’s how it looks now. It was very dark brown almost black even. 

With a very very little hint of violet. I dont know if you guys can even see it. I like it so much better than my previous hair color. I guess it’ll be lighter after some washes but that’s just fine with me. As long as I do not see a yellow or orange in my hair. Overall, I liked the product I used here. I probably will try mixing colors again next time i dye my mane. Ja ne!